NOMOS volumes

I am completing my service as the editor of NOMOS, the annual edited volume of the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy. Please consider becoming a member of the ASPLP; among other benefits, members receive the volume based on the conference for the years for which they paid dues, have access to the papers pre-conference, and vote on the topic for NOMOS volumes.

Reconciliation and Repair, edited with Eric Beerbohm (NYU Press, forthcoming).

Truth and Evidence, edited with Philip Kitcher (NYU Press, 2021).

Democratic Failure, edited with Daniel Viehoff (NYU Press, 2020).

Protest and Dissent is forthcoming in March (NYU Press, 2020).

Political Legitimacyedited with Jack Knight (NYU Press, 2019).

Privatization, edited with Jack Knight (NYU Press, 2018).

Wealth, edited with Jack Knight (NYU Press, 2017).